Data Release: Open Access-data on the Austrian elections 2017


As of today, the AUTNES CSES Post-Election Survey 2017 – the Austrian contribution to the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) – is available via the AUSSDA Dataverse.

Telephone interviews were conducted with 1200 Austrian voters in the weeks following the parliamentary election of October 2017. The survey, conducted by AUTNES (Austrian National Election Study) as part of the current CSES module, covers questions on political interest as well as attitudes towards minorities, national identity and immigration. The respondents were asked if they participated in the parliamentary election and if they feel close to any party. Party and candidate sympathy were also covered, as well as satisfaction with the democratic process.  

„Q21: On the whole, are you very satisfied, fairly satisfied, not very satisfied, or not at all satisfied with the way democracy works in Austria?“

Two editions

An “AUTNES Edition” and a “CSES Edition” are available for download. The two editions not only differ in language, the German AUTNES Edition includes some additional questions covering a specific aspect of the election campaign, namely the discussion surrounding fake Facebook pages.

Access and reuse

Both editions are available for download now. The documentation (methods report and questionnaire) and the datasets can be accessed without login or registration via the AUSSDA Dataverse.

The researchers of AUTNES have chosen a CC BY license for both editions. This license allows many usage options: users can share and adapt the data, as long as the creators of the work - the AUTNES team - are cited accordingly:

Aichholzer, Julian; Kritzinger, Sylvia; Wagner, Markus; Berk, Nicolai; Boomgaarden, Hajo; Müller, Wolfgang C., 2018, "AUTNES Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Post-Election Survey 2017 (CSES Edition)", doi:10.11587/W193UZ, AUSSDA Dataverse

Future datasets

In this open access version some variables have been recoded or dropped due to data protection reasons. If you need a version of the dataset for scientific use, contact the AUSSDA team!

The AUTNES team comprehensively studies Austrian national elections and this data release is only the first of many. Future releases will be available in the AUTNES Dataverse.   

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