Archiving Made Easy


AUSSDA develops various documents and processes but our work centres on the repository solution. With Dataverse, archiving and reuse are quick and easy.

Where does Dataverse come from?

Dataverse is an open source software  developed and established by Harvard University. It enables data depositors and users to save content, add metadata, easily download and conduct preliminary analyses online.

AUSSDA is testing its features

The AUSSDA Dataverse will have many interesting features for our users. Following the login, content can be uploaded quickly. You just need to provide the mandatory metadata and the files to finish the first upload. The metadata contain general information like the principal investigator and the title of the data collection but also specific social science metadata. Providing metadata and saving data and the accompanying documentation makes research reusable.

A persistent identifier (PID) is added to data collections saved in the AUSSDA Dataverse, in our case this PID is the digital object identifier (DOI). Metadata and DOI make your content easy to cite. The content can also be linked to related publications. Following a check by our team, making sure your data is understandable to others, the data and its documentation is published in the AUSSDA Dataverse.

Whether you have data from a big research project or replication data for a journal article, saving your content in the AUSSDA Dataverse makes your work findable and reusable.

Stay tuned!

As soon as the AUSSDA Dataverse is available online, we will let you know here. If you have any questions concerning these first insights, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

The AUSSDA Dataverse gets prepare for real-time mode.

General information about the data is added to the Dataverse.

Specific social science metadata can be saved too.