The AUSSDA Service Map

Full Service

Do you prefer free full service? We can help you describe and meet your data management needs in the funding proposal, in the call for tender, during data archiving and can assist you in choosing a reuse plan that meets your goal to publish first and get a persistent identifier.

Lars Kaczmirek and Julian Ausserhofer will guide you through our full service portfolio and arrange a support plan that meets your specific project goals.

Data Management

Need a data management plan for your funding proposal?

For solutions regarding specific projects, Otto Bodi-Fernandez and Dimitri Prandner will gladly assist you.

Archiving and Deposit

Need a solution for self-archiving or long-term archiving? Want a safe place to store your data and make it available for reuse?

Julian Ausserhofer (Vienna), Otto Bodi-Fernandez (Graz) and Dimitri Prandner (Linz) are happy to assist you. Depositing with AUSSDA is easy and free.

Data Discovery and Access

Looking for high-quality quantitative social science data? Want to download data?

Christian Bischof can help you find what you are looking for and will get the data to you.

Licenses and Access

Unsure about the best sharing strategy for your data? Need a solution that meets the open access and open data policies of your funding agency or employer?

Lars Kaczmirek offers guidance on access regulations and license models.

Persistent Identifier (DOI)

Need a DOI for your data so it can be cited properly?

Veronika Heider and Christian Bischof can tell you everything you need to know to turn your data into a fully citable work with a DOI from AUSSDA.

Services we offer now...

  • archiving
  • data processing
  • quality audits
  • customer support
  • data delivery
  • help and training in developing data management plans

...and in the future....

...we will act as a single point of access for social science data in Austria, offer self-archiving, visit your institution, organize workshops catered to your needs and supply teaching materials.