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Who can access data?

AUSSDA is committed to making its data assets as open and accessible as possible. Ultimately data creators are responsible for determining who can access their data and how they can be used. Each dataset is individually assigned a license and an access model by its author. You can find more information about licensing and usage restrictions in the description section of a dataset’s landing page.

Data variety

AUSSDA archives a wide variety of social sciences data, with a focus on quantitative research methods and data. Our data contributors include government agencies, large-scale chronological research programs, and small-scale one-off research projects. A special agreement with Statistics Austria formally authorizes AUSSDA to host Austrian microcensus data reaching back to 1973. Gather insights on population development and value changes of past generations with a range of datasets exclusively available at AUSSDA.





I've found data I want to use, how do I download them?
I've found data in the archive that I would like to use. Anything I have to look out for?
How is your archive software "Dataverse" structured?