European survey on open research data launched


At the beginning of October, the EU project EOSC-Pillar launched a survey on 'National Initiatives'. The aim is to examine national and thematic initiatives on research data and infrastructures in five European countries. AUSSDA at the Vienna University Library is leading this survey. Around 2000 scientific institutions in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy were invited to participate.

The team around the EOSC-Pillar "National Initiatives" survey has defined four target groups in order to create a comprehensive picture of the European infrastructure landscape with relevance for open research data:

  • e-Infrastructures
  • research infrastructures
  • universities
  • funding bodies 


Institutions from all target groups in five European countries received general questions on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), their expectations, planned contributions or expected benefits. In addition, more specific questions were designed, tailored to each target group. The collected data will enable EOSC-Pillar to assess the maturity of open research data initiatives and services with relevance to EOSC. For this purpose, EOSC-Pillar asks detailed questions on legal, technical and financial aspects as well as the principle of FAIRness of data. 

The results will be used both to provide direction within the project and to guide discussions and developments on open research data and the European Open Science Cloud. In this way, the survey enables evidence-based decisions to be made in the design of EOSC. AUSSDA thus makes an important contribution to the implementation of EOSC and the higher-level goal of enabling scientists to access research data and taking a further step towards "open science". 


Initiaves from five countries were invited to participate in the survey. (Picture: Trust-IT Services)