How are you, Austria? Current data on social issues now available


How did the Austrian population live and work in 2021? How did their attitudes, values and opinions change during the second year of the pandemic? Find the answers in the three new extensive survey data sets that are now available in our archive!

The following survey data sets on social issues from 2021 were recently published at the AUSSDA Dataverse.


Microcensus Labour Force Survey / Housing Survey 2021 

With about 20,000 households surveyed per quarter, the Microcensus is the largest regularly conducted sample survey in Austria. It is an important data source for national and international labour market indicators and regularly provides information on housing and families. The survey is also known as the EU Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS).

Link to the Microcensus Labour Force Survey / Housing Survey 2021 Data


IHS COVID-19 Survey 2021

The IHS COVID-19 Survey 2021 is an Austrian opinion survey which measures attitudes, behavior and work-related changes in the Austrian society during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey also consists of general ESS items and ESS socio-demographic variables, thus it is possible to compare these data to pre-pandemic ESS data. You can find more information about the survey at the IHS Website.

Link to the IHS COVID-19 Survey 2021 Data


Social Survey Austria 2021

What does the Austrian population expect of the future? Does the Corona crisis affect environmental awareness? These and many other questions on the attitudes and values of Austrians are answered by the Social Survey Austria. As a cooperation between the universities of Linz, Graz, Salzburg and Vienna, the SSÖ is one of the largest social science surveys in the country. 

You can find all information on the SSÖ and an overview of all data reports, where selected topics are analysed in more detail on the official SSÖ Website.

Link to the Social Survey Austria 2021 Data

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