Workshop on data management plans


On November 23, AUSSDA gives a workshop on data management at the University of Graz. Researchers, teachers and students are given an overview of how their research data can be made citable, accessible and reusable.

Research funding agencies are increasingly demanding the submission of a data management plan (DMP) as part of the application. A DMP serves as an instrument for managing the research data generated in a project. It describes what data is collected or generated in the course of the work and what should be done with it during the entire data lifecycle (eg storage, publication, citability, long-term availability, anonymization, reuse, etc.). The aim is to make not only publications but also research data findable, accessible, comprehensible and reusable. The availability of research data in the sense of open science can be ensured by data archives or repositories. But data protection and copyright aspects must be considered.

The workshop deals the instrument of the DMP will and introduces the single stages of the data life cycle from the perspective of social science research practice. In the social sciences, research data generally represents information about people. Data collection, processing, preservation and dissemination must comply with ethical and data protection aspects. This includes adequate handling of personal and sensitive data. The workshop also discusses strategies for compatibility of the requirements of open science and data protection - such as anonymization, informed consent, licensing or access restrictions. In addition, useful data archives and repositories and their possible uses are presented.

Organizer: Grazer Methodenkompetenzzentrum

Lecturer: Mag. Dr. Otto Bodi-Fernandez is Research Associate and Data Processing Specialist at AUSSDA at the University of Graz.

Time: 23rd November 2018, 10:00-19:00

Location: SR 15.39, Resowi, Universitätsstr. 15, component G, 3rd floor

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The workshop teaches how a data management plan can be designed.