Meeting the community: Day of Political Science 2017


The Annual Conference of the Austrian Political Science Association took place at the University of Graz this year. This past week, exciting research questions in the field of political science were discussed.

The participants of this year’s Annual Conference of the Austrian Political Science Association gathered in the snowy city of Graz. On the eve of the event, a panel comprised of political scientists from various universities discussed the topic „Cui bono scientia politica?“, chaired by Reinhard C. Heinisch. The discussion covered recent developments in the discipline and outlined what it means to be a political scientist.

On December 1st, around 50 ideas, papers and projects were presented in three panel sessions. The topics ranged from democracy research, EU processes and electoral research to visual politics. We were pleased that Otto Bodi-Fernandez and Veronika Heider were there to close the event by presenting AUSSDA, thereby reaching important community members directly.

Get to know the AUSSDA-team in person! In December you still have two chances to do so:

4.12.-6.12. Data First?! Digital Humanities Conference, Innsbruck

7.12.-9.12. Conference of the Austrian Sociological Association, Graz

(photo: Veronika Heider)

(photo: Veronika Heider)