Open Science Award for EMM Survey Registry


The project - a comprehensive collection of metadata on migration and minority studies in Europe - received the prize from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

What do we in Europe know about migration, migrants and ethnic minorities (EMM)? What kind of data were collected when, on which topic, and where? To answer these questions, researchers from 35 countries have collected and systematised metadata on EMM surveys between 2017 and 2022.

One can find the results in the openly accessible EMM Survey Registry, which lists 1750 studies by now. Each is described with comprehensive metadata.

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche) awarded these efforts in July 2022 with France's first Open Science Prize. The award recognises research projects that present scientific knowledge in a transparent way, make findings openly accessible and bring lasting benefits to science and society.

Project leader Prof. Laura Morales from Sciences Po accepted the award on behalf of the entire team on 8 July 2022 in Paris.

AUSSDA member Dr. Dimitri Prandner has been the Austrian project leader since June 2019. Together with his colleagues, he researched and analysed which studies from Austria were suitable for the platform. His team entered 75 Austrian studies into the metadata base. Additionally, Dimitri Prandner worked with Laura Morales' core team on the development of the platform.

The project was funded by COST ACTION (CA16111) and the SSHOC project until spring 2022. Austria's continued participation in the project was secured in 2022 through funding from the BMBWF and BMI.


More information:

EMM Survey Registry entries for Austria

Reports and documents AUSSDA contributed to:

Morales, Laura, Saji, Ami, Prandner, Dimitri, Bergh, Johannes, Bernat, Anikó, & Méndez Lago, Mónica. (2020). Surveys to Ethnic and Migrant Minorities across Europe. Identifying Knowledge Strengths and Gaps Using Survey Metadata. (Version 1). Zenodo. (Projektbericht)

Yuma Ando, Prandner Dimitri, & Yip-Ching Yu. (2022). Stata code for the compilation of EMM Survey Registry: creation of a single data from individual Excel files (V0.1). Zenodo. (Programmcode / Software)

Grafik des Projekts ETHMIGSURVEYDATA: Menschen im urbanen Raum und Farbpunkte