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DURATION 10/2018-10/2021

LINKS EMM Survey Registry


CONTACT Dimitri Prandner

Ethnic Minorities and Migrants (EMM) Survey Registry and Survey Data Hub

The EMM Survey Registry and the EMM Survey Data Hub are a metadatabase of migration studies in Europe. Together they provide more than 200 individual variables for all of the included studies. This allows for a comprehensive and in-depth overview of existing research data in the field of migration and minority studies. Accordingly, the two projects offer transparent and comprehensible information for future research agendas and policy-relevant decision-making processes.

The project aims to establish a more evidence-based foundation for discussions in a subject matter that is often difficult to access and evaluate. Considering that social scientists are generally describing migrants as hard to research populations - based on the fact that random sampling from a defined selection framework is often impossible - and results of such studies are often difficult to compare (cf. among others: Prandner and Weichbold 2019; Reichel and Morales 2017), this is an important infrastructure measure. It provides a rich background regarding which statements can be made about which populations and where there are limitations or research gaps.

The project is funded by COST ACTIONS (CA16111), covers 35 countries and is led by Laura Morales (Chair - Sciences Po, CEE; France) and Johannes Bergh (Vice-Chair - Institute for Social Research; Norway). AUSSDA participates in the regional, national and international survey and data management working groups. In addition, AUSSDA is involved in the CA reporting and publishing results. For further questions, please contact Dimitri Prandner.

Project publications:

Morales, L.; Saji, A.; Prandner, D.; Bergh, J.; Bernat, A. & Méndez Lago, M. (2020). Surveys to Ethnic and Migrant Minorities across Europe. Identifying Knowledge Strengths and Gaps Using Survey Metadata (Version 1). Zenodo. DOI: (project report)

Related publications:

Bacher, J.; Fiorioli, E.; Moosbrugger, R.; Nnebedum C.; Prandner, D. & Shovakar N. (2020). Integration of refugees at universities: Austria’s more initiative. High Educ 79, 943–960. DOI:

Prandner D. & Weichbold M. (2019). Building a Sampling Frame for Migrant Populations via an Onomastic Approach – Lesson learned from the Austrian Immigrant Survey 2016. Survey Methods: Insights from the Field. Retrieved from