Software upgrade in our Dataverse - what's new?


Last Friday we updated our archive - version 5.4.1 is now online. Here is an overview on what has changed

With the successful upgrade on 13 August, we are ensuring an even better performance of our archive ( We ensure that data is stored securely and that we can provide all our services to the full extent. For our users, there is a particularly useful innovation: Before our upgrade, it was necessary to download all files of a data set individually. But now, there is the possibility to download the files as a zip file – this way, you get access to all the files of a data set with one click. This also works via our API. With a performance upgrade for the zip function, we have also ensured that it now works faster.

Furthermore, we can present an improved search function: It is now possible to use keywords with accented characters, such as ü, è, à, ñ or č. If you search for "sso", for example, you will find the data records of the SSÖ, the Social Survey Austria. This facilitates searching for data on non-German keyboard layouts.

We also want to mention a function that helps us communicating with our users: With our new message banner, we can let visitors know firsthand about important information and innovations.

Plus, we have good news for all those who like to work on mobile devices: Our website is now displayed much better here.

We are continuously working on optimising our archive and our services. We hope you find our new features helpful! We also welcome your feedback: If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

New: Download data as a zip-file.

New: Download data as a zip-file.