New Service: Self Deposit


For researchers at our partner universities, we have created a new option to publish datasets independently at the AUSSDA archive. Learn more about our Self-Deposit Service here!

The benefit of the new Self-Deposit Service is that researchers can archive and publish their data independently at any time, regardless of the available capacity of the archive team. Publishing research data and research documentation with AUSSDA increases the chance of visibility, academic recognition, and higher citation counts. It also enables researchers to comply with FAIR principles and have their data become part of the European Open Science Cloud - with the new Self-Deposit option, all these benefits can now be enjoyed even faster. Also, a DOI reservation is possible within a few minutes.

Who can use the Self-Deposit?

Researchers who are associated with on of AUSSDA's partner universities and who wish to repeatedly archive quantitative data from the social sciences in the long term and make it available for scientific purposes can benefit from the Self-Deposit. The following steps are necessary for this: 

  • Signing the Self-Deposit Agreement with AUSSDA,
  • Participating in the AUSSDA training on pseudonymisation and Dataverse,
  • Preparing data and documents (pseudonymisation of data and checking of file formats and names, guided by the Self-Deposit Manual)
  • Uploading and publishing datasets in Dataverse, guided by the Self-Deposit Manual

 Would you like to try out the new service? Then contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

A screenshot of the new Self-Deposit section in the data archive AUSSDA.

The new Self-Deposit section in our Dataverse. (Image: AUSSDA)