Three new videos explain the European Open Science Cloud


In the upcoming months and years, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) supports the harmonisation of data infrastructures and research cultures on our continent. Three new videos, shot at the University of Vienna and other locations, highlight, what you need to know about EOSC.

What is the European Open Science Cloud and why do we need it?

The European Commission started the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative in 2016 and officially launched the EOSC at the Vienna University Library in 2018. Since then, the EOSC has been constantly developing in cooperation with various stakeholders from all scientific disciplines. The goal is to federate existing and emerging data infrastructures and to create a central access portal. There, open research data and services will be offered and used by scientists and professionals. The main aim of EOSC is to build an open, competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe – a European “super-infrastructure”.

How are AUSSDA and the Vienna University Library contributing to EOSC?

In addition to participating as a service provider of CESSDA ERIC, AUSSDA and the Vienna University Library actively support the implementation of the cloud by contributing to two H2020 projects directly building the EOSC. The project Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) addresses the social science and humanities side of the initiative, whereas the project EOSC-Pillar focuses on national initiatives with relevance to open research data.

For more information on the European Open Science Cloud, see the following videos produced by the team of the H2020 project EOSC Secretariat at the Vienna University of Technology. They feature Stefan Hanslik, the Austrian country delegate to the EOSC Governance Board. These clips demonstrate the overall goal of EOSC, the benefits for the research community and the public, as well as the roles that scientific institutions, like the University of Vienna, play in the process.


EOSC - What You Need To Know
The Backbone of EOSC
EOSC - A Sustainable Future





The reading room of the Vienna University Library. (Video screenshot; CC BY EOSC Secretariat / TU Wien / Fabian Chundy)