We are a data infrastructure for the social science community in Austria and offer a variety of research support services, primarily data archiving and help with data re-use. We make social science data accessible, creating opportunities for research and data reuse, benefitting science and society.

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We archive a wide variety of social sciences data, with a focus on quantitative research methods and data. Find the dataset easily online!

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EOSC-Pillar will help to build the European Open Science Cloud, one of the most ambitious research infrastructure initatives of our time. AUSSDA at the Vienna University Library leads a work package, which surveys national open research data undertakings in five countries.


Metadata – information on research data – are of great importance to ensure that one can find and reuse data. In Europe, metadata follow a standard set by the CESSDA ERIC Metadata Office.


Eric Karsten and his colleagues interviewed 221 journalists and organisation’s spokespeople in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Great Britain.


A new AUSSDA publication analyses the structure of domestic social science research.


In the project "Strategies, Images and Issues in Political TV Interviews 1981-2016" more than 19,000 statements by journalists and politicians were analysed


The AUSSDA Dataverse User Guide explains important terms related to our digital archive (with pictures). Find out more about downloading data files at AUSSDA.

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