We are a data infrastructure for the social science community in Austria and offer a variety of research support services, primarily data archiving and help with data re-use. We make social science data accessible, creating opportunities for research and data reuse, benefitting science and society.

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We archive a wide variety of social sciences data, with a focus on quantitative research methods and data. Find the dataset easily online!

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A project at AUSSDA examined the number and focus of social science lecturers and researchers at tertiary institutions in Austria. A survey will soon take place.


AUSSDA was invited to present at the "CESSDA ERIC Strengthening and Widening 2018" meeting in Belgrade. We shared experiences of our first years of building an archive with new and emerging social science data archives.


On November 23, AUSSDA gives a workshop on data management at the University of Graz. Researchers, teachers and students are given an overview of how their research data can be made citable, accessible and reusable.


On 12th October 2018, the Platform for Surveys, Methods and Empirical Analyses (PUMA) presented the results of its survey studies above the rooftops of Vienna.


In the AUTNES Online Panel Study 2017, more than 4,000 Austrians were asked about their political views. The data set is now available at AUSSDA.


AUSSDA is recruiting: In addition to a data and communications specialist, we will soon be filling the position of an organization assistant.


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