The AUSSDA roadmap

The Core Facility AUSSDA is Austria's new dedicated data management service hub for the social science community. We are currently developing our full service portfolio. We are already offering curated data preservation and reuse support. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you.

Phase 1 (2017)

  • Engage social sciences community
  • Define services and future service portfolio
  • Launch transitional repository infrastructure

Phase 2 (2018/19)

  • Implement data acquisition strategy
  • Introduce reuse and outreach strategy
  • Offer advanced service of self-deposit

Phase 3 (beyond)

  • Launch long-term preservation infrastructure
  • Launch research methods consultation service
  • Expand core user base & AUSSDA network 

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A dataset with over 300 variables describing attitudes on family life, roles of the state, work life, and political participation are now available for download at the AUSSDA Dataverse.


On May 28th AUSSDA is organizing an introductory workshop covering the OAIS reference model. Especially persons working in digital archiving will benefit from learning about the concepts of this internationally known standard.


As of today, the AUTNES CSES Post-Election Survey 2017 – the Austrian contribution to the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) – is available via the AUSSDA Dataverse.


As of now, our daily work consists of mysterious work steps to you. After reading this article you will want to deposit your data with us – we promise!


You’re looking for a suitable storage solution for your data? You want to archive your data for the long-term and don’t know which digital repository to choose? You have questions concerning legal and ethical frameworks?


Creative Commons (CC) licenses are legal tools to share work within the law of copyright. Creative Commons is also a nonprofit organization and a fascinating movement.

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