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DURATION 07/2020-03/2021

LINKS COVID-19 Dataverse

CONTACT Otto Bodi-Fernandez

COVID-19 Data Fast Track Publishing

In light of the pandemic, researchers around the world are sharing their survey data with colleagues in order to jointly develop solutions. Research is also focusing on the social and economic impact of the pandemic. Since the beginning of the crisis, numerous social science data have been collected in Austria, which deal with both the spread of the virus and the social consequences. In order to make these highly up-to-date data available to the scientific community as promptly as possible, AUSSDA has launched the COVID-19 Data Fast Track Publishing project with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). This allows to make COVID-19 data available to AUSSDA in a fast track process.

Social science data on COVID-19 studies will be collected in the AUSSDA repository in the specially established COVID-19 Pandemic Dataverse. AUSSDA has thus created a central collection point for COVID-19 studies in Austria, which are available to researchers worldwide and can also be searched in the CESSDA Data Catalogue thanks to standardized metadata. A more detailed article on the project can be found here, the data can be found here.