The AUSSDA roadmap

The Core Facility AUSSDA is Austria's new dedicated data management service hub for the social science community. We are currently developing our full service portfolio. We are already offering curated data preservation and reuse support. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you.

Phase 1 (2017)

  • Engage social sciences community
  • Define services and future service portfolio
  • Launch transitional repository infrastructure

Phase 2 (2018/19)

  • Implement data acquisition strategy
  • Introduce reuse and outreach strategy
  • Offer advanced service of self-deposit

Phase 3 (beyond)

  • Launch long-term preservation infrastructure
  • Launch research methods consultation service
  • Expand core user base & AUSSDA network 

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Transparency and replicability are important principles when determining how research results are to be interpreted and understood. To evaluate results from a journal article, AUSSDA offers a service for replication data. Journal partnerships have already been established.


Sebastian Seebauer (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) and Dimitri Prandner (AUSSDA ) co-moderated a workshop on data protection and the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the 19th Austrian Climate Day. Guiding questions were: Which information falls under the GDPR, what does it mean for my work and what is being discussed in the media?


On May 25th the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect, standardizing the legislation across the European Union. The GDPR especially applies to activities of processing the personal information of EU citizens and will not only be relevant on May 25th, but will guide organizations’ work for years to come.


Books have an ISBN, online articles in journals are assigned a digital object identifier (DOI). DOIs are also used in the AUSSDA Dataverse to increase the findability and citeability of research data.


Six months ago AUSSDA rolled out Dataverse, its archival technology platform. Since then we’ve gained significant experience supporting our diverse users as they shared their research data. We have also been working to customize many of Dataverse’s features. Recently three entirely new features were added to the AUSSDA Dataverse.


The function of metadata in the context of archives and libraries is the structured description of the administered resources. The standardized structure enables searching, finding, and selecting relevant resources.

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